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People Details

Full Name: 
Christine Madsen
not specified
Head of Digital Programmes
  • Division: Academic Services
  • Unit: Bodleian Libraries Central Services and Administration
  • Sub-Unit: not specified
Digital Humanities Interests: 
Impact assessment and measurement, large-scale digitization and metadata projects, creation of comprehensive, subject-based digital resources, marketing and outreach for libraries and digital projects, future of the academic library and role of digital mediums in the library. Also involved in external projects: Discovery Project: http://www.discovery-project.eu/ and Open Collections Program, Harvard University http://ocp.hul.harvard.edu
ICT Methods: 
Data CaptureData ReuseUse of existing digital data
Image capture2d Scanning and photography
Textual InputManual input and transcription
- -Text recognition
Data analysisAudiovisual Analysis
Data structuring and enhancementImage ProcessingImage enhancement
not specified
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