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Full Name: 
James Cummings
not specified
Senior Digital Research Specialist, IT Services
  • Division: Academic Services
  • Unit: IT Services
  • Sub-Unit: not specified
Subject Area: 
Digital Humanities Interests: 
Senior Digital Research Specialist, IT Services; Provides Research Support advice and consultation. Chair of the TEI Technical Council; PhD in Medieval Studies; Previous director of Digital Medievalist. Background in medieval studies, English literature, theatre history, medieval manuscripts, etc. Technical Skills: XML, TEI XML & Schemas, XSLT, Xquery, Cocoon, eXist, Markup and Web Technologies, various programming languages, reading funding bids.
ICT Methods: 
Data analysisSearching/LinkingSearching and querying
Text AnalysisParsing
Data publishing and disseminationWeb developmentGeneral website development
- -Server scripting
Data structuring and enhancementClassifying and linkingRecord linkages structuring
Text EncodingText encoding - descriptive
Strategy and project managementICT Project ManagementGeneral project management
not specified
not specified